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Main/SMO и SMM

Presently SMM is the most effective way of promotion, with flexible targeting and great reach.

FoBa offers the following services in the social network “VKontakte”:

  • buy a subdomain;
  • developing a unique design community, as part of the site;
  • content community;
  • search of the potential audience;
  • SEO community;
  • planning an advertising campaign;
  • support in the preparation of targeted advertising;
  • change of information within the community in accordance with the changes on the website of the contracting authority;
  • build the necessary platform for easy addition of news and consultation of employees in charge of the work;
  • monitoring statistics community;
  • moderated group, communication with users;
  • during the campaign and the constant monitoring of community moderation;
  • identification of the most promising methods of creative advertising and PR brands;
  • Services SMO и SMM.
  • Services of accompaniment advertising campaign.
  • Advertising services atexclusive sites.