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Specialized direction «FoBa.ru» was based on the Group’s AdvLine. The FoBa.ru is the first company in the world providing financial advertising. During this time it has realized a large numbers of advertising campaigns for forex, stock markets, banks and investment companies. We offer you services of media and contextual advertising, advertising in social networks, PR and promotion. For us it is very important that your investment produce you a profit. We will lead you by financial advertising market to get the clients are waiting for you.

10 reasons why you should work with FoBa:

We are a team of professionals, it is confirmed experience and trust of customers
We generously give out discounts and work on your result
We do not know what means unforeseen circumstances
We can run an advertising campaign for one hour after getting to know you
We ready to help you 24 hours a day
We will make you a profitable business proposal for one day, and you cannot refuse
We always try to improve every year releasing new products and services
We participate in exhibitions and speaking at conferences
We love to give gifts
We do business promptly, clearly, professionally.