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25 June, 2012

A team of professionals

A friendly team looking for young and talented people who want to work in comfortable conditions with decent pay.

List of vacancies published here

13 April, 2012

FoBa Exclusive updated with new websites

The system FoBa Exclusive added new websites. Nowadays www.macd.ru www.fx-currencies.ru www.fx-commodities.ru now officially represents advertising company AdvLine.

13 April, 2012

www.goforex.ru in the FoBa Exclusive

Nowadays FoBa Exclusive includes www.goforex.ru. Read  advertising opportunities here.

13 April, 2012

Advertisig agency FoBa provides sale of advertising on the site www.freesignal.net

Since 01.11.10 www.freesignal.net finally goes into the FoBa Exclusive. Advertising sales will be done according to the price.

13 April, 2012

Anniversary Exhibition ForexExpo 2010

November 19-20, 2010 The 10th International Exhibition Moscow Forex Expo 2010 held in Moscow at the Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya. This year exhibition ForexExpo celebrates its anniversary.
Moscow Forex Expo is a huge event, which gives visitors the opportunity to learn about new trends in the forex market, get the information about the state of the financial markets, and meet with experts in the field, who share their experiences.
Advertising agency FoBa takes repeated participation in the exhibition Forex Expo. This year FoBa were media partner.
Our company made a video from the exhibition where you can watch interview with companies-participants of ForexExpo for project forex.vkontakte.ru. Photos from the exhibition are here.
Advertising agency FoBa thanks all financial companies for any interview