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Main/Creation of a media-plan

Advertising agency «FoBa» pays great attention to planning advertising campaigns of its clients. We carefully selecting web-sites of financial topics. FoBa.ru has established itself as a reliable partner in the field of media development. We may offer you the best conditions for cooperation with web-sites not only in Russia, but also abroad. We are ready to provide maximum discounts and the best deals with our clients and partners – agencies. Site FoBa Exclusive will take a worthy place and must-have in your media plan.

The planning process starts with the completion of the brief by the client – technical specifications. In the brief describes the product for which you create an advertising campaign, and the tasks to be solved in the course of the campaign. It is important that the advertiser provided the following information:

  • target audience
  • tasks of advertising campaign
  • estimated budget
  • period of advertising campaign
  • geography of advertising campaign

Remember that properly formulated problem advertising campaign – is one of the keys to the success of its implementation.

Creation of media plan is one of the most important steps that determine how the advertising message will reach out to the consumer, and how much it will cost the advertiser. It is very important for us that your advertising campaign become successful. That is why a creation of media plan is priority direction of the activity advertising company “Foba”.